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Korean Jesus Dumbfoundead Take the Stares
Domies (도우미) Dumbfoundead Domies (도우미) [feat. Keith Ape & Okasian] - Single
Ganghis Kahn Dumbfoundead Old Boy Jon
New Chick Dumbfoundead Take the Stares
Clear Dumbfoundead Old Boy Jon
Town Dumbfoundead Dfd
Killers Dumbfoundead Dfd
Cool and Calm Dumbfoundead Dfd
Green Dumbfoundead Dfd
Run Home Dumbfoundead Dfd
Cell Phone (feat. Breezy Lovejoy & Wax) Dumbfoundead Dfd
Bitch (feat. Breezy Lovejoy) Dumbfoundead Dfd
Son of a Gun (feat. Matik) Dumbfoundead Dfd
Studio Apartment Dumbfoundead Dfd
No More Sunny Days (feat. Breezy Lovejoy) Dumbfoundead Dfd
Tour Up (feat. Wax) Dumbfoundead Dfd
Are We There Yet Dumbfoundead Dfd
Harambe Dumbfoundead Harambe
Intro Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Night Riders Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Rapper-o's Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Cockblockers Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
1st, 2nd, & 3rd Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Fun With Zo Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Favorite Song Ft. Verbs & Open-mike Eagle Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
She's Built Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Bullets of Truth Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Let's Smoke Ft. Alpha MC Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
She Don't Care Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
One Day Ft. Abstract Rude & Aceyalone Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Here Comes Trouble Ft. D-styles Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Outro Dumbfoundead Fun With Dumb
Murals Dumbfoundead We Might Die
All In Dumbfoundead We Might Die
Ancestors Dumbfoundead We Might Die
We Might Die Dumbfoundead We Might Die
Safe Dumbfoundead We Might Die
Hit And Run Dumbfoundead We Might Die
Cochino Dumbfoundead We Might Die
Harambe Dumbfoundead We Might Die
Banned In The Motherland Dumbfoundead We Might Die
Hold Me Down Dumbfoundead We Might Die
Growing Young Dumbfoundead Growing Young
Shotgun Dumbfoundead Old Boy Jon
K-Town Voicemails (feat. Danny Cho) Dumbfoundead Old Boy Jon
24ktwn Dumbfoundead Old Boy Jon
Huell Howser Dumbfoundead Old Boy Jon
Pch Dumbfoundead Old Boy Jon
Stereo Jack (feat. Ehwhenkeem) Dumbfoundead Old Boy Jon
Freedumb (feat. Pigeon John) Dumbfoundead Old Boy Jon

Jonathan Park (born February 18, 1986), better known by his stage name Dumbfoundead, is a Korean American battle rapper originating from the Los Angeles Underground's Project Blowed. He is well known for his affiliation with the West Coast division of Grindtime and his participation in Jumpoff's 2007 World Rap Championships; both of which have given rise to his status as a strong web presence. He recently finished a stint as the opening act for Epik High's Map the Soul tour. Dumbfoundead is a member of the hip hop trio Thirsty Fish and the Los Angeles battle crew the Swim Team. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.