There's 6 Alastor: Alastor (Grc) - NS black metal Alastor (Aut) - black metal Alastor (Hrv) - heavy/thrash metal Alastor (Pol) - thrash metal Alastor (Prt) - black/thrash metal Alastor (Rus) - underground ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Alastor (Prt) - black/thrash metal Biography: Alastor is a Black Thrash Metal band that was formed in 1988 by JA (guitars/vocals) and JF (drums), who would later meet again in Decayed. A few songs were composed in some months of rehearsals, but the band went nowhere. In 1995 JA decided to record some of the old songs on his own but they were never released, just shown to a couple of friends. In 1996, when not much was happening with Decayed, JA decided to resurrect Alastor. Some people were invited to join this project and old songs were rehearsed together with new ones. The result was an album entitled ‘Gates Of Darkness’. No deal turned up, and most of that recording ended up being finally released in 1998 as a split CD with Decayed. After that, Barbarian Wrath released the second album ‘Crushing Christendom’ in 2000. The following year ‘Hellward’ was released, an album totally sung in Portuguese. Right now the band is working on the fourth album, 'Infernal Lord' (released in 2004). ********* Alastor (Atlanta, Georgia) Alastor was an Atlanta rock band from 1996 to 2003. The group released three CDs: 1997's Javelin Catcher (produced by the band and Ed Burdell at Furies Studios), 1999's Nothing for Anyone (produced by Elizabeth Elkins and Scott Roberts at Bakos Amp Works, featuring Atlanta Symphony Orchestra euphonium player Mark McConnell) and 2002's The Late Night Plays (produced by Rusty Cobb at Southern Living At Its Finest and Tree Sound). The band was named after a Percy Bysshe Shelley poem. Various band members have now moved on to other projects including vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Elizabeth Elkins (The Swear), guitarist Chris Skogen (Bain Mattox), drummer/vocalist/guitarist Scott Roberts (solo project, Lost Weekend and Last Chance Runaround), guitarist Kevin Glenn (Jam the Controls), bassist Jeff Hall (The Accusations), bassist James Salter (solo project), bassist Brillo (solo project) and guitarist Cord Stone (solo project). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.